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Our Missions

Deontology, integrity and quality

Business Ethics, integrity and quality business are the cornerstones of our practice in audit missions. CABINET BA SAMBA-DIOM is committed to confidence and transparency, essential factors for a sustainable development.

Legal audit or Statutory Audit

As part of the mandatory statutory audit, we perform a detailed analysis of the financial statements of your company. Our mission is to certify that the company's accounts give an accurate image of its situation. The responsible partner accepts the responsibility of CBSD by affixing its signature.

Contractual audit

In addition, we conduct financial missions for the customers for whom CBSD is not the external auditor. For example, we are brought in to confirm the reliability of financial information before presenting it to third parties or associates or conducting financial reviews.

A Proven Methodology

Our mission is to guarantee through a quality audit, the relevance and reliability of financial information.
To provide evidence of the sincerity of the financial statements of a company involves perceiving its activity as a whole (sector, issues, regulations, etc.) in order to be able to diagnose operational processes and to identify risks.
This approach calls for analytical skills, critical thinking and proven methodology that are essential to the certification of work. A methodology based on:
  • the identification of sectoral or specific risks that may have an impact on the financial statements,
  • an understanding of the way activities are produced (information systems, consolidation process, etc.) and controlled (steering tools, organization of internal control, internal audit activities, etc.),
  • an assessment of the relevance of these controls,
  • their validation on the basis of tests.

CABINET BA SAMBA-DIOM aims to provide a global, operational and high value added guidance in business law and taxation. The services offered correspond to seven major categories of intervention.

Consulting in company law and tax system

In tax matters, the cabinet helps the company define their national strategy, identifies the possible options, estimates their consequences and formulates the appropriate recommendations. CBSD also intervenes to make an overall diagnosis, express an opinion on a particular operation, or to assist the company in a control or litigation context.
On the legal side, CBDSD provides assistance regarding company law and contracts. CBSD appreciates and anticipates the consequences of economic, financial, customs and community regulations.
CBSD experts also intervene in real estate law and banking regulations.

Personal legal, fiscal and social planning

The cabinet specialists advise individuals, shareholders, executives and managers to optimize their tax situation, the evolution of their legacy, and their remuneration structure.

Practice of social law in the company

Regarding human resources, the consultants of the cabinet offer their expertise for the elaboration of the company’s collective statutes and agreements; they participate in the definition of internal social policies (recruitment, compensation, profit-sharing, pension and retirement). They assist in the choice of the statutes of the leaders and are involved in the conception of a projected management of jobs, as with the definition and implementation of social plans.
Mediators in collective or individual labor disputes, they also assist the company in its relations with partners and social organizations, and support them in case of inspection (CNSS, Labor Inspection).

Executive Board

Designs and implements a development, computerization or organization plan, controls the opening of its capital, succeed in the transmission or acquisition of a company: often alone, managers seek an objective and well-argued dialogue with a partner who knows their business enterprise, to support their decisions.
From the diagnosis to the implementation of the recommendations, CBSD professionals bring realism into an external perspective. Involved alongside decision-makers, and listening to them, they offer the advice of a real partner.

Management Consulting

To improve the day-to-day management (budget, staff, stocks, administrative and commercial follow-up) and to avoid excessive encroachment on the time devoted to operational activity, contractors are currently using external skills.
CBSD proposes methods to improve management control by implementing effective tools and procedures adapted to each business context. Its intervention becomes a reality in particular by realizing customized dashboards.

Financial, legal and fiscal assistance

CBSD is regularly requested to provide assistance regarding fiscal options or legal and financial arrangements.
With the confidence of the executives, the consultants of the cabinet indeed benefit from a good knowledge of the companies for which they intervene and from a diversified experience of business life.

Project & Organizations

CBSD provides dynamic assistance in financial management, development of procedures and training to development projects funded by the World Bank, African Development Bank and International Fund for Agricultural Development organizations.

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